Tired of working 80 hours a week? 


Fed up with assigning work,

   wasting time explaining how to do it,

      answering a million questions about it,

         and still having to do it yourself anyway?

          (because no one does it the way you want...)


Get work off your plate once and for you can stop working so hard and start enjoying life more


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Four-hour live training program for individuals and teams

Public cohorts and private dates available.

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Hundreds of lawyers have learned to use our simple system to delegate tasks, outsource legal work, and manage time better. You can, too.

Get the right people doing the right work

Free up hours in your day

Improve revenue and reduce write-offs


You can't afford to handle everything on your own

Time is money. Every minute you waste on tasks someone else can do is a minute you can't invest in generating revenue.


Have you ever thought:


❌ It only takes me a minute. I'll just do it myself.

❌ It'll take me too long to train someone.

❌ No one else will do as good a job as me.


Doing it all yourself costs too much. 

It also makes scaling your practice impossible

and vacations a distant dream.

Lawyers who delegate effectively will generate more revenue and write off significantly less time than those who don't



the fastest way to get work off your plate—permanently—so you can focus on what really matters 


Delegation Express Live

In just one afternoon, you'll learn AND implement a proven process for increasing your revenue and recapturing HOURS of your time every week


Perfect for lawyers and other legal professionals (with or without a team)


By the end of the training, you'll know exactly:

What to delegate (so you've got more time—on and off the job)

Who to delegate to (even if you don't have a team or a lot of extra money)

How to delegate effectively (so you don't waste time endlessly teaching or correcting)


So that you can finally:

✅   Escape the feeling of being overwhelmed

✅   Grow your practice without spending every minute working

✅   Have time to do more of the things that really matter to you

There are lots of webinars out there on delegation and time management.

But if you're tired of signing up for webinars you never watch,

and you want more than time management training for lawyers, take Delegation Express Live!

It's not just another course. It's a live implementation program.

Delegation Express Live was designed by lawyers for lawyers.

We know how hard you work.

We understand your practice.

And we know how to make delegation work for you. 

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Here's What You Get:

In this live online program, we take you step-by-step through our proven framework for delegating effectively, so that you don't waste time answering questions or making corrections. 

Just because you want it done right, doesn't mean you have to do it yourself!

Brendah Mpanga

Managing Partner, BNM Advocates

I was bogged down with so many things on my plate. I didn't have time for myself or my family. I was stressed most of the time

I learned to delegate some of the things that were taking up about 40% of my time. I don't worry about those tasks any more.

Jennifer Marles

Partner, Oyen Wiggs

It's really helped me focus on the tasks I need to be doing to add value for the client, and what tasks can be done by someone else in my office, so that we provide just as much value to the client and yet free up my time to focus on other things.

Here's How It Works

Step 1

Join the program and apply the framework

Step 2

Get the right people doing the right work

Step 3

Recapture hours of time every week


PLUS you'll get these extra resources (and more)!


✳️   Live Coaching and Q&A during the program (value: $300)

✳️   An Outsourcing Guide packed with suggestions for outsourcing legal work and admin tasks (value: $127)

✳️   An Onboarding Checklist to get new team members working to their full potential quickly (value: $57)

✳️   A Trello Board template you can use to manage your team (value: $29)


The total value of Delegation Express Live is US$1,240, but you get it for...



Meet your instructors in this two minute video

Karen Dunn Skinner & David Skinner of Gimbal - Lean Business Management Advisors



"But it only takes me a minute..."

The trouble with delegation is that most people think it's faster to do the work themselves. We've each practiced law for more than 20 years. We know how tempting it can be to do all the work yourself...because that's how we used to be.  

But that's not how you build a practice you can grow and scale. For that, you need to delegate

So we're going to teach you the very best approach to delegation.

We've helped thousands of legal professionals build more productive and profitable practices.

In Delegation Express Live, you'll learn the same proven approach we've shared with our large and small law firm clients around the world in our Delegation Express programs.

Join us!

Karen Dunn Skinner & David Skinner

Global Advisors (Process Improvement) to the International Institute of Legal Project Management

Stop doing all the things... and start doing the right things

Join Delegation Express Live

US$349 per person

One afternoon is all it takes to change your practice

  • Four hours of live online instruction from legal industry experts (value: $500) 
  • Implementation time built right into the program so you walk away knowing EXACTLY what to do (value: priceless)
  • A downloadable workbook and guide with all the instructions in one convenient place (value: $130)
  • Coaching and Q&A during the program, to ensure you can apply what you're learning to your practice (value: $300)
  • 1 month's free access to the Busy Lawyer Bootcamp Hub to track your progress and access resources and downloads (value: $97)
  • Our Onboarding Checklist to get new hires working faster (value: $57)
  • Our Outsourcing Guide packed with resources, suggestions, and service providers (value: $127)
  • A plug-n-play Trello Board template (with instructions!) you can use to manage onsite and remote teams (value: $29)

That's a total value of US$1,240 for $349/person

Book now for you and your team!