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Run a law practice you love...

without burning out


Practice Accelerator: Business coaching for lawyers who want a more efficient law firm.


You can work less, achieve more, and escape the overwhelm!


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Achieve Clarity       +       Eliminate Inefficiency       +       Accelerate Results

Managing a law firm shouldn't leave you stressed out behind your desk

You don't have time to get all your mission-critical work done and still have a life.

You feel overwhelmed and guilty about always working, missing family dinners, special occasions, vacations, and so much more...

You shouldn't have to work so hard and sacrifice so much of your personal life.

The problem? It takes more than good lawyering to run a successful business, but law school didn't teach you what you need to know.


Practice Accelerator Coaching

An exclusive small-group coaching program for attorneys who aspire to create financial freedom and the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.


US$349/month or US$3,840 for one year (one month free!)


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"Karen and David clearly care about their participants, and don't see this as just part of a business. They act as true partners as we build our workplaces and lives, always open and helpful."

Cheryl Grossman
Cheryl Grossman Entertainment Law

Founding Member of Practice Accelerator

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Increase your revenue without burning out

with Practice Accelerator's proven formula


1. Law Firm Business Coaching

You’re not alone in your business and practice efficiency challenges. In monthly coaching sessions with your small group, you’ll discover simple, powerful solutions to streamline your practice and increase your revenue. Get clear guidance to overcome hurdles and create a more productive and profitable firm.


2. Monthly Accountability

Goals are great, but you need to implement. Maintain your momentum with a monthly 30-minute personal coaching call that provides 1:1 support and ongoing accountability to keep you focused on what's important rather than just what's urgent.


3. Quarterly Spotlights

Once a quarter we'll take a concentrated look at a topic you want to learn more about. As a group, you'll decide, but broad themes will likely include planning, delegation, systems, automation, and scaling. Learn practical, actionable skills and enjoy faster progress.


4. On-Demand Resources

When you join, you get instant access to the Coaching Hub. It includes 12 self-paced masterclasses on practice management, a library of practice boosters, templates, and guides, and fully searchable recordings of all previous Expert Insight sessions, monthly coaching sessions, and Quarterly Spotlights.

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Practice Accelerator groups are small by design, so you build a community that supports you and your practice.

When you run a law practice, it can feel like you're the only one doing everything.

But you're not alone.

Each Practice Accelerator coaching group is limited to only 10 people. We get to know you and you get to know everyone else. You’ll get personal, practical advice from experts and peers who know YOUR business. You'll have direct conversations, make connections, and get feedback and strategies that actually apply to your law practice.

Share ideas.  Together, you’ll discover solutions to common challenges and develop lasting relationships that will help you grow into your future self faster.

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"I joined Practice Accelerator because..."

I need a guide to get to where I want to go, and I need to set aside time for the process. I have wanted to learn from Gimbal, and this gives me an affordable way of doing so.

Anatoly, Family Lawyer

I want the opportunity to keep learning more new things gradually. With a slow and steady approach, it will be easier to develop ways to implement new things that will stick.

Jennifer, IP Attorney

I want to grow. To expand, I need to be able to create, streamline, and implement processes so I avoid missing tasks and speed up the ability to deliver materials to clients.

Matt, Commercial Attorney

Your 3-step plan for building a profitable practice and a life you love:

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2 Join the coaching sessions and accountability calls

3 Achieve your goals faster than you ever could on your own!

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Practice Accelerator Members get real results. Here are some of their stories.

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We've been in your shoes

We know how you feel. We spent decades practicing law. We've worked crazy hours, missed special occasions, and cancelled vacations.

But we've also spent years adapting business improvement strategies and principles to our profession.

We know being successful doesn't have to be so hard.

We're the only internationally accredited legal business efficiency and practice management coaches. 

Thousands of lawyers and other business professionals just like you have worked with us to increase law firm revenue with less stress and effort.  

Join us and learn the same things that have made them successful.

Ready to unlock the potential in your practice?

Apply now to join this exclusive coaching program and finally get the advice and support you need!

Practice Accelerator

Be successful at work and in life! 


Coaching, implementation, and accountability support


US$349/month or one annual payment of US$3,840 

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