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Running a practice takes more

than substantive knowledge of the law

But here's the problem...

  • You're a great lawyer, but running a business requires an entirely different skillset that no one ever taught you


  • Conferences are cancelled due to COVID, and you don't have time for an MBA

  • You can't afford to waste hours looking for courses that offer the wide range of skills you need


  • CPD courses are often ineffective, and professionalism credits are hard to get


Virtual Coffeehouse workshops provide you with skills you need to grow your business.
Our Vault contains over 35 workshops you can access on your own time, on everything from automation to pricing, business development, leadership, and more.
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I get it

I spent years as a solo practitioner, trying to find continuing legal education courses that would help me run my business.

I wasted hours on topics that didn’t interest me or didn’t advance my skills.

I couldn’t afford the time or money to travel to conferences, or engage high-priced business consultants to answer my questions. 


 We started Virtual Coffeehouse so you can get the answers you need to build the practice you want

I'm Karen Dunn Skinner, co-founder of Gimbal. I'm a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and an attorney with over 20 years of experience practicing law in Canada and Europe. I'm also on the Global Advisory Council of the International Institute of Legal Project Management.

Since founding Gimbal, we’ve taught thousands of lawyers around the world how to create more profitable and productive practices. We’ve built a huge network of relationships with international experts inside the legal profession and across other specialities. 

Virtual Coffeehouse saves you time and money by connecting you to our network. It gives you access to experts in business development, pricing, attorney wellness & mental health, project management, legal technology, leadership, outsourcing, delegation and more.

We're not running live Coffeehouses anymore, but you can access all the content right now! 

Praise for Virtual Coffeehouse

Lee P., Czech Republic

I want to thank you for the privilege of being able to attend your Virtual Coffeehouse sessions during this horrible "New Normal." They can become a very impactful version of TED talks for lawyers who want to enter the 3rd millennium with regards to profitability and the real meaning behind work-life balance.

I have learned from and been inspired by every single Coffeehouse I have attended.

Miriam M., Uganda

I have been really blessed by all I am learning in the Virtual Coffeehouse and the Practice Accelerator Membership Program.


Lisa D., Canada

Your topics are extremely on point and, I feel, valuable to those in our legal industry.

See what's in the Vault!

35 free workshops you can watch any time

Here are just a few of the topics you'll find inside:

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Identify what's holding you back, so you can get out of your own way and build an even better practice! Learn to make it stop, so you achieve peak performance and reduce your stress! Join me for a workshop with life & money coach, Cindy Morgan-Jaffe.

Automate the Work That Doesn't Pay you can do MORE of the work that does!

Learn how you can use the latest technology to manage clients and cases, save time on administrative tasks, and boost your bottom line.


Making Fixed Fees Work for You & Your Clients

Lawyers don't want to bill hours and clients don't want to buy time. In fact, they both want the same thing: a solution to a problem.

Find out how value billing benefits your practice and your clients. If you’re tired of counting hours to generate invoices, this workshop if for you!

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Grow Your Influence & Expertise: Be THE Authority in Your Practice Area


When it comes to public relations, perception is reality. Learn to effectively and strategically showcase your skills so YOU can be known as the go-to expert in your practice area.


Mindfulness & Meditation To Reduce Stress and Improve Resilience


2020 has been a year of challenge, stress, and uncertainty. Listen to this 60-minute session to help you reduce stress, avoid burnout, improve productivity, and build your emotional resilience.

Accredited for 1 hour of professionalism content by the Law Society of British Columbia.

Best Practices for Automating Intake in Your Law Practice


No matter how good you are at practicing law, if you don't get intake right, you're leaving money on the table in every matter.

Accredited for 1 hour of professionalism content by the Law Societies of Ontario and British Columbia.


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Set Yourself Up For Success: Tech & Tools For An Effective Law Practice


Whether you’re just opening your doors or you’re renovating an existing office, you’ll get valuable insight on the best tools to maximize comfort and efficiency for yourself, staff and clients.

Human Resources 101:  A Practical Guide for Law Practices


Do you have the right human resources and employment policies in place to protect yourself and your employees?

Accredited for 1 hour of professionalism content by the Law Societies of Ontario and British Columbia. 

5 Ways to Increase Your Digital Footprint & Online Visibility


Are YOU the lawyer potential clients find first? Learn how to market your firm more effectively, so that you're the one people find.

Accredited for 1 hour of professionalism content by the Law Societies of Ontario and British Columbia. 

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Our Vault contains over 35 FREE workshops you can access on your own time, on everything from automation to pricing, business development, leadership, and more! 
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Our Mission

When lawyers don't know how to run their practice like a business, they work too hard and sacrifice their personal lives.

At Gimbal, we teach you everything law school didn't: the business efficiency and practice management skills you need to build a profitable, efficient, and fulfilling practice...without spending every waking moment at work. 

Because every lawyer deserves a successful practice and the freedom to enjoy that success.