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How much time would you save

if people opened, read, and answered your email

...the first time?

Join me for: Writing Professional Email: 6 Easy Improvements for Better Communication

90-minute, on-demand training program with workbook




You don't have time to waste. I've selected 6 skills you'll learn in just 90 minutes to instantly improve your email!


Practice the skills during the course, apply what you're learning, and overcome any challenges you're having.


I'm a professional editor who practiced law for decades. I know how you use email in your practice, and how to improve it.

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Email can be immensely frustrating

How many hours do you waste following up with clients who haven't given you all the information you asked for?

Do you feel frustrated when a colleague asks a question that you’ve just answered by email?

How often do ask yourself, "Does anyone even read my email?"

Maybe the problem isn't your clients or your colleagues...maybe it's your email!

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Email is the most common form of business communication,

but that doesn't mean it's the most effective.


Stop wasting time and money

writing emails that don't work


Instead, invest $49 and 90 minutes of your time to take the course!


You'll learn 6 easy things you can do immediately to ensure people open, read, and respond to your emails.

I'll teach you how to:

  •  Tailor your email to your audience
  •  Communicate more effectively 
  •  Write attention-grabbing subject lines 
  •  Structure your content so people will read it, understand it, and respond to it
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Karen doesn't just fix your problems, she gives you the tools to fix them yourself. Her lessons are like an asset with a perpetual payout plan.

—Associate in International Trade Law

The session was well worth the investment. If we could do it again, I'd allocate more time. 

 — Director of IT at a major Canadian law firm

About Karen

When words are your stock-in-trade, you better get them right!

I'm Karen Dunn Skinner, a lawyer, author, and professional editor. 

I teach powerful writing and editing techniques to business professionals who want to communicate clearly and concisely with their clients and colleagues.

I believe everyone can write well. I've developed an approach to business writing that will help you increase your personal productivity, your profitability, and your value to your organization.

Join me and improve your email skills.

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