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Life is too short to do something that doesn't bring you joy. But it can be hard to find time for joy in a busy practice. 

Work smarter.


Being successful doesn't have to be so hard. Without streamlined processes, you'll sacrifice your personal life.

Not harder.


You are in control of your future. Set big goals for your practice and let us help you design a plan to achieve them.

Work with us. 

Our Story 

Most lawyers are great at the practice of law, but it takes more than good lawyering to run a successful business.

The thing is, law school doesn’t teach you business and practice management skills.

And when you don’t run your practice like a business, you’re going to work too hard. You’ll waste valuable time, resources, and money. And you’ll end up working weekends, missing special occasions, cancelling vacations, and feeling guilty about it.

We know…

We’ve been in your shoes. We practiced law for decades. We missed the events and felt the guilt. And we knew there had to be a better way. So we founded Gimbal.

Our Commitment to You

At Gimbal, we teach lawyers the skills they need to be as successful at the business of law as they are at the practice of law.

When you work with us, you’ll learn to focus on doing the right work the right way, so you can accomplish more in less time and with less effort.

You’ll get new ideas, a fresh perspective, and proven business strategies that will help you build a more enjoyable, profitable business.

With a focus on strong business systems, effective time management, and highly efficient processes, we will help you build a law firm business that is smart, streamlined, and strategic.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll finally have the time to enjoy your success. 

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"Karen & David ably led our cross-functional team on a multi-day journey in search of opportunities to enhance our interactions with our internal business partners. We were able to improve the efficiency of our contracting processes and eliminate wasteful actions, and had their support to implement this transformation."

Erik Lichter, Deputy General Counsel, Ciena Corporation

"Gimbal's approach focuses on the tools that are most relevant to streamlining legal processes. Their experience in both law and Lean is evident, and it significantly enhanced the value of our process improvement project. Their approach is also highly flexible and responds to the changing dynamics of the project as it unfolds. We are thrilled with how engaged it has made members of our team and excited to move forward on the exciting initiative!"

Paul Saunders, Practice Innovation Partner, Stewart McKelvey

"Thank you. Those are merely two words, but they are sincerely well-deserved. 

I have a long way to go. But I wouldn't be here if not for your help. I am only utilizing a very small percentage of what you offer. And yet it has made all the difference."

Bryan Eggleston, Co-Founding Partner, The Eggleston Law Firm


We're experienced legal process improvement experts. We're also attorneys with decades of international experience in law firms and in-house.

Now, we help lawyers earn more from their practices without working as hard.

Why? Because we practiced law for years and we know how hard you work. We believe every lawyer deserves a successful practice and the freedom to enjoy that success.

Together, we founded Gimbal Consulting after practicing law for more than 20 years each in Canada and Europe.

We're also the exclusive Global Advisors on Legal Process Improvement to the International Institute of Legal Project Management, and Karen sits on the IILPM’s Global Advisory Council.


We're global leaders in the application of Lean to the legal profession. We write and speak regularly, facilitate legal process improvement projects, and have taught Gimbal’s proven LeanLegal® approach to thousands of legal professionals around the world.

We combine our deep understanding of the legal industry with our training in Lean Six Sigma to provide practical solutions to the competitive and budgetary pressures on practitioners and clients alike.

We live in the beautiful city of Montreal. We spend winter weekends skiing at Mont Tremblant (where David is a Ski Patroller) and summer holidays paddling and kiting in the waters around Montreal and in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.