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A coach can unlock the potential in your practice 


You may be one conversation away from a breakthrough that changes everything about your business. But when you’re working hard every day to build your business, breakthroughs can be hard to see. That’s where a coach can help.


Most lawyers will never get a coach. They'll never ask for help. Why?

Because we think we can do it all on our own.


We think: 

🟠 If I just work late (again), I can get it all done

🟠 If I take my laptop, I can squeeze in a few hours of work around the pool (who really needs a vacation?)

🟠 I'm smart. I can figure this all out on my own...after all, I've managed so far.

And all that may be true.


But what if the stuff that got you this far can’t get you any further?


A coach who knows you and knows your business—a coach who's been in your shoes—can help you see what you’re missing.

Work with us and get unstuck.

Eliminate the stressful inefficiencies.

Streamline the processes that are keeping you late at the office.

Unlock the revenue potential in your law firm business.


Work smarter. Live better.

Love your law practice again.

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Practice Accelerator 

You're not alone!

Join a small group of law firm owners committed to building better businesses faster...together. 

Monthly coaching sessions, resources & expert advice

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Gimbal on Demand 

Targeted 1:1 Problem-Solving

Stuck? Book a 90-minute call. You'll get practical solutions & clear next steps to resolve problems in your practice. 

Stand-alone coaching & consulting sessions US$500 for 90 minutes

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Premium 1:1 Coaching

High-touch tailored coaching

Focused business coaching for high-performing attorneys. Strengthen the fundamentals of your law firm business and improve overall operational efficiency.

Monthly or weekly coaching sessions designed around your schedule & budget

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 ~ What our clients say ~

Chris Jaglowitz

Founding Partner, Common Ground Condo Law

The masterclasses are great, but what I really enjoy are these coaching sessions, the conversations where we get to crowdsource ideas and where Karen & David bring to the table the benefit of their experience from working with tons of different law firms.

Practice Accelerator  is a value-packed proposition that will help any lawyer in any situation make their practice better by taking control of their work and their destiny.


John Simpson

Founding Partner, Shift Law

Practice Accelerator has helped me develop a mindset and troubleshoot very specific things. Other members of the group have inspired me about legal technologies, but frankly, it’s more about developing a mindset around how you can improve your practice with little incremental changes and not get overwhelmed. I have the courage to make incremental changes and the patience to give myself a break if something isn't working. Now, when I encounter a problem, I ask myself, “what would David say? What would Karen say?” That’s what gets me to the next step. That’s been the real value to me.

Katherine D.

Partner, AmLaw 200 Firm

This [Premium Coaching] has been really useful. Articulating how to make our processes more straightforward has definitely helped. Fixing the same problem over and over and over with different people takes a lot of time. Whereas if you establish the SOP and everybody follows it, it’s saving everybody a lot of time. I'm loving this.

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Most lawyers will never use a coach. Benefit from new ideas & fresh perspectives to compete effectively, improve your practice, and create the business & life you want. 
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Hiring coaches with our unique experience is the best investment you can make in yourself.

We will:

🟠 Save you hours of frustration

🟠 Equip you to build a better law firm business

🟠 Make you more money

🟠 Help you find the time to enjoy your success

You don’t have to go it alone.


We’re lawyers, business entrepreneurs, and coaches. We've helped thousands of attorneys build more productive and profitable practices. 

You don't have to spend all your time working or worrying about work.

Let us help you define your goals and a plan to achieve them. With our coaching and support, you'll get to your destination faster than you ever could on your own.

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