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Strategy & Tactics


Set the destination for your law practice. 

Choose the right path to get you there.


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Set big goals

Achieve your objectives

Motivate your team

Is your last strategic plan gathering dust?

Create a future that inspires you & your team


Whether you're starting, scaling, or selling your practice, you need a plan...and not just any plan.


If your strategic plan doesn't clearly define what you want your business to look like in 10 years' time, it's destined to languish in the bottom of a drawer.


Your plan needs to inspire you and capture the imagination of your team. 


For more than four years now, we’ve been harnessing the power of story to help law firms create their own unique mission and vision.

Forget about the numbers and the details. Start by defining the story of your firm, the story that motivates commitment and engages people to act together to create a positive impact.


Work with us to define your destination and create a clear, actionable plan to get you there.

Our Strategic Planning Services:


🟠 Business strategy sessions

🟠 Firm retreats and strategic planning programs 

🟠 Goal-setting and annual planning workshops

Through stories, mere facts and information are turned into a shared mental model of how the business works and where it is heading.

Martin Reeves et al., Your Strategy Needs Story
Harvard Business Review (February 2023)

Achieve your goals


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We'll work with you to select the right kind of strategic planning engagement for you and your firm.


Set your goals

Determine your destination: plan the life you want and the business you need to build to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Achieve your goals

Follow an actionable plan that ensures you make meaningful progress towards you goals every single day.  
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 ~ Recent Projects ~


We've helped numerous lawyers launch solo and small practices in Canada and the United States.
We regularly advise lawyers on setting their initial goals, creating their mission, identifying their ideal clients, selecting legal technology, and developing plans for launching, marketing, and growing their practices. 


We helped a boutique litigation firm in the US set an ambitious goal for scaling their business, inspiring their attorneys to select and ultimately develop profitable new practice areas that will increase revenue in new markets, while remaining true to the original culture and spirit of the firm. We continue to work with them on the strategies and tactics they need to market the new practice areas. 



We worked with a regional Canadian firm to develop a long-term vision that inspires and aligns disparate groups, increases revenue, and expands their market share. We continue to work with the firm's individual practice groups on their strategy and tactics to develop and market each practice to achieve the firm's ambitious goals.


We helped a regional firm in South America develop their 10-year vision, and the strategy and tactics they will need as they expand their main office and work toward opening offices in 8 more countries in the next 10 years. 


We worked with a law firm owner in Canada firm to plan his exit strategy, including how to create processes, standard operating procedures, staffing arrangements and more, all with a view to creating a valuable asset he can pass on to his current associates or a future buyer when he is finally ready to retire. 
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What's YOUR story? 

Everyone talks about work/life balance. At Gimbal, we believe in work/life integration. We believe you should build your practice around the kind of life you want to live (and not the other way around). 

It's frustrating to invest time & energy developing a strategic plan that ends up gathering dust, but that's what happens when your plans don't motivate you or inspire your team. 

And it's what can happen if you don't put strategies and tactics in place to ensure you achieve your personal and professional goals.

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Let us help you create the compelling story of your firm...and the plan to bring it to life.