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Running a successful legal practice takes more than just being a great lawyer.

Whether you’re starting a new practice, scaling an existing one, or planning your exit, you need a clear vision, the right strategy, and a plan to achieve your goals.

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Want to streamline your law practice?

Improve efficiency and increase profitability?

Learn delegation and time management skills, so you can do more law and less admin? 

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Strategy & Tactics:

Plan for your future and achieve your goals

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Improve productivity & profitability

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 Our practical, industry-leading approach has helped thousands of attorneys allocate work better, streamline processes, and build systems that require less time and effort.


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Being successful shouldn't be so hard

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We do four things to significantly improve law firm productivity and profitability, by helping lawyers:

  1. Develop their long-term strategy and a roadmap for achieving their goals
  2. Improve operational efficiency by optimizing legal processes and strengthening business & administrative systems
  3. Manage time & resources more effectively through delegation, matter management, and work allocation
  4. Communicate powerfully by improving writing skills, marketing, and messaging

We do these four things in three ways:

  1. Online and in-person training
  2. Group and 1:1 coaching
  3. Strategic planning and consulting

We're lawyers with decades of experience practicing law, providing strategic advice, and improving systems, efficiency, profitability, and productivity in law firms and legal departments around the world.

Lawyers who work with us focus on doing the right work the right way. They accomplish more of what matters them in less time and with less effort. They finally have the freedom to enjoy their success!

You can, too! Work with us.

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