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E150: Get your emails opened and answered using this tip

productivity Sep 14, 2022
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As lawyers, we spend hours every week sending emails, and we sure hope they get read. However, according to recent statistics, 83% of business emails never even get opened.

As a business owner, think of how much time you waste on follow-up because clients don’t open your email or don’t give you the answers you asked for.

To save time and get your emails into the 17% that DO get opened, you have to capture the receiver’s attention immediately.

Welcome to Gimbal’s Tip of the Week, where you get practical, actionable advice you can use right away to start building a more productive and profitable legal practice.

This week’s tip is to write clear and enticing subject lines for every email that you send to your clients. As good as your email may be, what’s the use if it goes unread?  A clear and enticing subject line will increase the chances that your emails get opened.

The average person receives over 100 emails per day. Add to that the off-email communications people get through Slack, Teams, and other platforms, and that’s a lot to process daily!

This, along with decreasing attention spans and increased skimming due to heavy workloads, means your email faces a lot of competition.

Your action item: For every email you send this week, write the subject line last. Make sure it includes the information your reader needs to prioritize your email.

We often write the subject line first, but leaving it for last is a good strategy for ensuring that you’re sticking to exactly what’s written in the email. It will keep your subject line relevant.

Also, remember that most people are reading on their phones, and you have limited real estate on the screen, so every word counts. Keep it short.

Use the following tips the next time you’re writing a subject line:

  •  Keep your subject lines relevant
  •  Be explanatory and clear but as short as possible.
  •  Put the most important part of your subject line at the beginning if you can.

When you invest time into crafting subject lines, you’ll increase chances your email gets opened and you’ll waste less time and money on follow-up.

Join us for next week’s Tip of the Weekon building a profitable and productive law practice. 



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