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E221: How prospective client calls are a goldmine of opportunity for your law practice!

industry challenges process improvement Feb 21, 2024
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As lawyers, taking calls from prospective clients is a must. In a time where there are abundant choices and advertising is being pushed for different types of legal help, those potential clients need to make sure they get the right lawyer for them - they’re going to shop around. 

Your tip: For potential clients, that first call is the start of their customer journey. 

More than half of new clients shop around before selecting their legal counsel, but less than 10% of law firms provide all the information people want in that initial call. 

There is a huge opportunity to improve your call-answer process so you convert more callers into clients. 

Here’s how:

  1. Have a real person answer the phone 
  2. Provide clear scripts for answering phone calls 
  3. Listen in on incoming calls 

In our newest column on Attorney At Work, we’re breaking down these three actionable tips so you can begin making improvements to this key process. Read the column here: Who’s Answering Your Phones? 3 Tips to Improve Your Law Firm’s Call-Answer Process

This is just the start of our regular Attorney at Work column, which will give tips for streamlining a different process every month. And if you need direct support in improving your processes, book a free call with us to discuss more.

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