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E229: How Pets Can Benefit Your Bottom Line and Team Productivity

productivity May 08, 2024
Three small dogs sit behind a desk with an orange laptop and phone.

When it comes to unconventional productivity boosters, pets may be the easiest (and most popular) of the strategies we are sharing!

The great thing about this strategy is you don’t need to take any specific action with your pets to make it work. Simply embracing a pet-friendly environment can have massive benefits for your bottom line. 

Your Tip: Embrace the benefits of pets.

Pets in the workplace can transform an office into a more welcoming and less stressful environment, which leads to more productivity. 

While many traditional approaches to productivity focus on efficiency and process optimization, integrating pets into the workday—whether at the office or at home—can provide unique benefits that boost mental health and bring your team together in new ways. 

  • Pets can help increase team engagement: Amazon's headquarters in Seattle is famously pet-friendly, with over 7,000 dogs registered to come to work. The presence of pets in the office naturally increases interaction among employees. Colleagues often stop to pet dogs in common areas, leading to conversations that might not have happened otherwise. 
  • Pets enhance creativity and reduce stress: At Etsy’s headquarters in New York, their office building was built with employees (and their pets!) in mind. The space boasts open areas to collaborate and enjoy time with their furry friends. 

Companies around the world are embracing pet-friendly policies, including international law firm Latham & Watkins. Realizing the value pets bring to the workplace, they allow employees to bring their well-behaved dogs to the office, creating a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. By reducing stress and encouraging camaraderie among team members, their office has been able to increase both morale and productivity.

Your Action Item: Encourage your team to find ways to incorporate pets into their work lives, even if it's just through photos and stories. 

Even if you don’t want to jump in and bring your furry friends to the office, you might consider organizing pet-themed events to encourage engagement and build team spirit. Consider inviting your team to a family and pet day at a local park or host a special Zoom pet meet and greet to include those with cats, birds, and other pets who can join in virtually.

Pets are natural stress relievers, helping to reduce anxiety and prevent burnout. By embracing a pet-friendly mindset and finding creative ways to incorporate pets into your work culture, you can create a more welcoming and productive environment for everyone in your law firm.

- Karen and David

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