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E77: Make the Best First Impression with a Streamlined Intake Process

process improvement Apr 07, 2021
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Does your intake process make a good impression on your clients? It’s your client’s first experience with your firm, and it’s where you gather the critical information that allows you to qualify your clients, check conflicts, and build an accurate client file. Get it right, and you get the right clients, the right information, and a smooth process for everyone. Get it wrong and you’ll make a poor first impression that costs you time, money, and business.

Welcome to Gimbal’s Tip of the Week, where you get practical, actionable advice you can use right away to start building a more productive and profitable legal practice.

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Intake impacts everything from file management to billing. This month at Gimbal, we want to show you how to develop a smooth, efficient intake process for your practice.

We’ll be sharing some of the best tips from our new and improved Gimbal Guide: Eight Ways You’re Wasting Time & Money in your Law Practice and What You Can Do About It. Although the Guide focuses on wastes of time, money, and resources in all areas of your practice, we’ll be applying it to the intake process for all of our Tips this month. With the Guide and our Tips, you're going to learn how to identify all the ways that your intake process wastes time and even money for you, your staff, and your clients. You’ll also learn proven strategies for optimizing and streamlining this process so you can find some tangible results for your practice.

Remember, this is the moment when you convert a prospect into a paying client. You need an intake process that increases your conversion rate and improves client satisfaction. But you also need a process that gathers the information you need to execute your legal work effectively and efficiently.

So our tip this week? Download our FREE copy of Eight Ways You’re Wasting Time & Money in Your Law Practice. Set aside some time this week, put it you calendar or it won't get done (you know that) and take a hard look existing intake processes in your firm. What do you like about your existing process? What don’t you like about it? What seems harder than it should be, or takes longer than it should?

Hit the reply button and tell us a little about your process, so we can make sure this month’s tips answer YOUR questions. Next week, we’ll share the first and most important thing that you need to do to improve your intake.

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