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Featured Article: Propel Your Law Firm To The Next Level With Great Hiring Processes

process improvement Apr 10, 2024
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Reliable processes make work at your law firm more simple, streamlined, and effective. In our recent Attorney at Work featured articles, we explained ways to improve your phone answering and new client onboarding processes. Just like everything else in your practice, building a team is easier if you have a reliable process to follow.

With all the lawyers that we’ve worked with over the years one complaint comes up again and again: they don’t have enough control over their schedule and their work. 

If you’re doing all the legal work, running the business, answering phones, marketing, scheduling, and more, it’s normal (and frustrating) to feel chained to your desk. But even if you know you need support to take your practice to the next level, finding the right help can feel overwhelming…unless you have a hiring process.

Learn the Why, What, Who, and How of your law firm’s hiring process in our article “Time to Build Your Team: 5 Steps to Improve Your Law Firm Hiring Process” 

And once you hire new people, you’ll need an onboarding plan that gets your new hires working profitably as quickly as possible — more on that in next month’s article!

In the meantime, join us on April 11 for our very popular (and updated!) free training on standard operating procedures (SOPs) in your practice. You’ll learn an easy way to create a library of SOPs that will save you time and money, plus how to use AI to write them even faster! 

- Karen and David

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