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E226: Everyone hates email! Save time & annoyance with a scheduling app

delegation process improvement productivity Apr 03, 2024

You’ve got prospective clients in your inbox. They want to talk to you, but how much time are you spending going back and forth to book that meeting? 

Fun fact: on average, it takes 7 emails back and forth to book a meeting and writing those 7 emails is NOT in your power zone, which is the work you love and that adds the MOST value to your firm.

 One of the most time-consuming activities that happens in your inbox is probably scheduling meetings—what would your day look like if you didn’t have to do this yourself?

Tip: delegate the booking of meetings to technology

When you use technology to schedule meetings, you’ll be able to avoid all the back and forth emails and stay in your Power Zone. You’ll have more time to move the needle pn your law firm’s growth and success. 

These technology platforms are powerful enough to link your calendar and set up self-serve booking links that only book meetings when YOU want them booked. They usually include automations to confirm the appointment, add it to your and your prospective client’s calendar, and even send reminders before and  follow-ups after your call. 

Using a system like this eliminates not only the wasted time going back and forth to schedule your meetings, but also the manual reminders and the inevitable emails asking for the meeting link. It can also cut down on follow-up time by sending automatic thank-yous.

Action Item: review how you schedule meetings. What steps are you taking the most frequently that can be delegated to technology. 

We suggest you consider an app like Calendly or Microsoft Bookings; at Gimbal we use Calendly and love it. 

The best part? When you set up your technology, it’s a long lasting solution. Even if your availability changes, as long as your linked calendar is up to date, your booking system will continue to do the work for you…so you can focus on what you actually enjoy doing. 

Pro Tip: don’t have an open booking link on your website. You don’t want to get stuck in consultations with people who aren’t a good fit. Instead, take control of your bookings: use a prescreening form or a platform like Lawbrokr to guide people towards booking a meeting (if they’re right for you) or refer them out automatically (if they’re not).

Booking meetings is just one process you can easily improve. Want to learn an easy way to create processes in your law firm AND how you can use AI to turn them into actionable standard operating procedures? Register now for our  April 11 at 12 p.m. free training. 

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