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Featured Article: 5 Tips to Win Over New Clients at Your Law Firm

process improvement Mar 20, 2024
Business people shake hands to establish new client relationships.

In our last Attorney at Work Feature, we shared tried and true ways to improve your phone-answering process. The next step is upgrading your firm’s new client onboarding process.

When you think about onboarding, imagine walking into an unfamiliar restaurant. No one greets you, the menu is confusing, and you’re not even sure how to place your order. What do you do?

If your new clients feel this way when they come to your law firm, they might second-guess their decision to hire you.

In our latest Attorney at Work feature, we’re looking at ways you can elevate your new client onboarding process. 

Read the article to learn how to:

  1. Establish clear communication channels from the moment your clients engage you.
  2. Use a structured information-gathering process, starting  at intake.
  3. Provide a comprehensive onboarding guide that welcomes clients and outlines your firm’s processes. 
  4. Set expectations early to avoid complaints.
  5. Solicit and act on feedback to show you value client input.

First impressions are everything. See how to make the most of them in our article “New Client Onboarding: 5 Tips to Win Over New Clients.” 

Bonus Tip: Start making those great first impressions long before your clients sign their engagement letters. Grab our "Ultimate Intake Package" today. It's your shortcut to a better intake process!

- Karen and David

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